Senior Pastor

Rev. Thomas Petersen

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Pastor Tom Petersen has been the senior pastor at St. Paul's since 2007.  Studying to be a pastor in the Lutheran church means that you go to four years of college before completing four years of seminary.  He attended college at Bethany Lutheran and Mankato State University in MN before entering Bethany Lutheran Seminary in Mankato.  He also attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO.
Before coming to Stevens Point, he served a long pastorate in Stoughton, WI for 16 years.  Before that he served in Shawano County and western WI for shorter pastorates.  In 2013 he will have served 30 years in the pastoral ministry.
He received the pastoral call from the St. Paul congregation in 2007.  He accepted the call because he felt his time in Stoughton had been completed, and felt the Holy Spirit leading him here.  St. Paul Church and School seemed to be a great challenge for him.  He felt the strong conviction that he could help the ministry of St. Paul church and school grow and develop.  He likes  the challenge of leading St. Paul by preaching, teaching and example.  "I feel I bring a passion to the ministry.  I think St. Paul is a Real church with Real people -- and that is what I like.  It is a place "where the love of learning becomes learning to love."'

Assistant Pastor

Rev. Roger Moldenhauer

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Jim Wegner

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Mr. Wegner currently serves St. Paul as the new Principal, and teacher for  6th grade religion and 7/8th grade science. He graduated with a B.A. from Concordia University Wisconsin in 1995, with a license to teach grades 6-12. He started his ministry at Luther North High School in Chicago, IL where he taught the theology classes and served as the Dean of Chapel for three years.  He then moved on to teach 5th grade and was Athletic Director at St. Andrews Lutheran School in Park Ridge, IL. After a year at St. Andrews, he accepted a call to be the 7th grade teacher at Our Shepherd Lutheran School in Birmingham, MI. After a year at Our Shepherd, God challenged him with the opportunity to move back close to where he grew up AND the opportunity to teach with his brother on the same staff. So, he accepted the call to teach 8th grade at St. John’s Lutheran School in West Bend, WI where he served for 15 years.  He graduated from the SLED program (School Leadership Development) within our synod to be trained in administration in June of 2015.

I am glad that I have the chance each day to teach and be in the classroom. I LOVE the opportunity to share God’s word with the students and make it applicable for their daily lives. In science, I have the opportunity for students to explore and appreciate God’s awesome creation! My prayer is when God uses me to connect with the kids the joy of learning His Word and creation, they in turn will share that joy with their family and friends, too.

I am married to Jenny and we have two wonderful boys. Tyler attends UWSP and Evan is a 5th grader at St. Paul. Jenny currently teaches 1st grade at Immanuel Lutheran in Wisconsin Rapids. We also have a German short-haired pointer named Pebbles. I love to collect baseball cards, other baseball memorabilia, and visit various baseball stadiums. I cheer on my Wisconsin sports teams and enjoy spending time with my family. When I have time, I like to read a good historical biography – preferably on any of the U.S. Presidents.

Teacher/Technology Coordinator

Sue Lilienthal

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Mrs. Lilienthal was called to St. Paul in 1991 from Concordia University Mequon.  She has a degree in Elementary Education with a math minor.  She received her Master's Degree in Gifted and Talented Education from UWSP in 1995.  She received her 2nd Master's in Educational Technology through Concordia University Mequon in 2014.  In addition to her teaching duties she plays handbells, administers the Sentry Grant and technology program at St. Paul, serves on the Stewardship Committee and serves as the Legacy of Love Coordinator.   She currently teaches 2nd grade and 7/8th Grade Language Arts.

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in Kindergarten myself.  Over the years my reasons for teaching have changed and my favorite aspects of teaching have changed, but I still love what I do everyday!  My purpose or mission is to equip students with the skills and understanding they need to be children of God serving their families and communities as they grow.  Raising good Christian leaders and workers is vital to our society today!  That is why I do what I do.  In my classroom we really focus on becoming strong independent learners and thinkers who use their God given gifts and talents for His Glory!  I love to watch children grasp a new concept or smile when something that once was difficult all of a sudden makes perfect sense!

My husband Jason and I have two children, one in college and one still at St. Paul.  We enjoy watching our children participate in sports and other activities.  I love to read for pleasure, scrapbook and travel!  I love to lead educational trips and would consider that as a career when I retire!

Teacher/Athletic Director

Curt Lamb

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Curt Lamb is the Physical Education Teacher, Athletic Director, and Safety Cadet Advisor at St. Paul. 

I received my Physical Education degree from Winona State University and started teaching at this wonderful school in 1995.  My wife (Lori) and I have three children (Cade, Carlee, and TJ).  I enjoy watching and coaching basketball, baseball and football, especially the sports that my children are involved in. 

One of the greatest joys of teaching at St. Paul, unlike public schools, is that I get the opportunity to talk about Jesus and what he did for us every day in the classroom, gym and playground setting.  Along with the regular academic curriculum, knowing that Jesus died on the cross for our sins will be the most important thing that you will learn at St. Paul Lutheran.  I look forward everyday coming to school knowing that Jesus is always welcomed in our classrooms. 



Kathi Bartel

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Mrs. Bartel – 4th grade

Mrs. Bartel is a graduate of Concordia University – Mequon with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Math.  She has been with St. Paul since June of 2000.



Lisa Pieper

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Mrs. Pieper is a graduate of Concordia University, NE and holds degrees in Elementary Education and Director of Christian Education, as well as a minor in Theology and Music.  She has been with St. Paul since 2000 and is currently the 3rd grade teacher.

Today and every day is a great day that our Father has given us, His children. How awesome it is to recognize this by diving into God's Word. Every day the children of St. Paul School have the opportunity to hear the Word, speak the Word, and live the Word; not only in Religion class, but woven into the studies of all subjects. The learning goes beyond their regular classes also! When our students are playing, conversing, and working together, teachers are constantly helping children to understand that the love Jesus has freely given us is that love we are to share with one another. So from disagreements to having exciting moments our students are taught that when God is honored and Christ is the central focus of how we can live out our actions we become better people. Most of all, we live the Life that God has given us! This is the mission I have in my 3rd grade class. 

In reading and discussing the book "What Would Jesus Do?" in the beginning of the school year, we hear of conflicts children face and how they respond to those conflicts in a God-pleasing way. Then together as a class we reflect upon some of our own conflicts and respond to the words 'what would Jesus do'  in order to focus how attitudes and actions can be dealt with in a Christ-like manner. When we finish the book, we continue this approach throughout the year whenever the need calls for it.

 My husband, Jim, and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary in June. We love traveling the United States by car, especially visiting areas of rich history. We have three sons who are officially young adults, ages 19 - 25. My interests are walking, crafting, reading, and playing piano and the organ. In fact, I have been an organist for 40 years and still going strong. In the future I would love to make quilts, but for now, I will stick with sharing the JOY of Jesus with my students and their families as I continue to serve as one of St. Paul's teachers.



Chriss Altis

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Mrs. Altis – First Grade, Music – Grades 1-4

Mrs. Altis is a graduate of Concordia  - Ann Arbor (AA) and River Forest (BS). She has been serving at St. Paul since 2004. In addition to her teaching duties she enjoys playing organ for St. Paul.



Carmen Zuelsdorff

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Mrs. Zuelsdorff – Kindergarten

Mrs. Zuelsdorff is a graduate of Concordia College – St. Paul, MN, with a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  She joined St. Paul in April of 2007.


Erin Mehlberg

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Mrs. Mehlberg – Pre-school (3 year olds), and Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 year olds)

Mrs. Mehlberg began teacher at St. Paul Lutheran in 2011. She received her Bachelor's Degree from UW-Stevens Point in Elementary Education/Learning Disabilities and her Master's Degree from UW-Stevens Point in Elementary Education. She Previously taught 2nd and 5th grade in the Waupaca and Stevens Point School Districts.  "The Lord brought me down this path to Early Childhood Education at St. Paul Lutheran, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I feel very blessed to be able to share God's word in everything we do, and honored to be a part of the St. Paul Lutheran Staff.  It is a wonderful environment to be in.  My favorite thing about being a teacher is seeing the enthusiasm these young children have for learning!"


Lindsey Ingman

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Mrs. Ingman graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin - Mequon in 2010 with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Adaptive Education.  She moved to Stevens Point where her husband was finishing up school.  Her first teaching job was in the Stevens Point Area School District teaching Gifted and Talented grades 1 through 6 in all 9 elementary schools.  She began teaching at St. Paul in 2012.  She currently teaches 5th grade.

My husband and I had started attending church at St. Paul, and one of the pastors had approached me saying they had a 5th grade opening that I should consider applying for.  Growing up in the public schools myself, I had always planned on being that Christian teacher in the public schools, but obviously God had a different plan for my life, and I have to say I would never turn back!  Being in a Lutheran school is definitely my calling in life.  I love being able to share the Word of God with my students and be able to openly share my faith.  God is not only talked about in Religion class, but in each subject throughout the day.  God is a part of everything we say and do here at
St. Paul, and I absolutely love it! My mission in my classroom is to help students grow in their faith and find ways to incorporate God in every aspect of their lives.  I want my students to grow up to be strong Christian leaders in whatever profession they end up choosing in life, and it's my goal to help them along in their walk of faith.  I enjoy helping students grow in their God given abilities, and teaching them how they can use those abilities to glorify Him.

I currently reside in Plover with my husband Ross and son Jack who was born in 2014.  We also have the tiniest dog in the neighborhood, a 5 pound Yorkie named Margo.  Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time at my family's cabin, biking, camping, running, and scrapbooking.


April Pichelman

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Mrs. Pichelman graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2002 with a Bachelor’s of Science-Secondary Education. Her field of study was grades 6-12 Social Studies and History.  She has been a substitute teacher in several school districts, and has been at St. Paul Lutheran since 2014. At St. Paul she has taught math, Kindergarten art, world geography, and is the coordinator of the Resource Room. 

I have a true passion for the small group, and one-on-one teaching I do in the Resource room. It brings such joy to my life to watch the students grow beyond their own expectations, and fulfill their God given talents! I am also one of the volleyball coaches at St. Paul Lutheran. I have been coaching volleyball at various schools and for club volleyball for a total of 13 years.  I enjoy the life lessons that sports enable us to teach and learn.

I use our mission: "Centered in the Word - Pointing People to Jesus', daily in my classroom and in my classroom discipline policies. I often ask students “Is that how Jesus would want you to “xyz”, or how do you think Jesus feels about your actions. I also use the Word as a foundation for my academic lessons. I try to tie everything back to the word, in the hope that it makes understanding how God works in our daily lives easier for the students and therefore increasing their faith. I truly believe in using our mission in my classroom and personal life, I feel that it helps me complete our vision as well. Our vision is "Connecting Families Joyfully by Sharing the Love of Jesus'. Jesus shows us daily how much he loves us. In turn, I remind my students of the big and little things in our daily school lives that show us Jesus’ love. I also remind my students of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7. Love is many, many things. It’s a smile, a laugh, tears, a pat on the back, a hug, a high five, and so much more. With all that God’s love is, it is a pleasure to share it with all I encounter.

My family and I are members of St. Paul Lutheran. My children, Allison and Connor, were baptized at St. Paul, and we are extremely blessed to be able to have them continue their journey of faith at our school. We have a very furry household. We have two dogs, Rogue and Luna, and two cats, Dice and Wicket.  My interests away from school are having little adventures with my family, walking or riding my bike, sports (I’m an Olympic Games junkie), and reading (if I could read a book a day I would).  My family and I love Disney. My favorite character is Stitch, and my favorite WDW ride is The Great Movie Ride. I’m also a total geek! I love to play games with my family, and can easily quote Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I’ve dressed up as Princess Leia and Professor McGonagall  God has blessed me in so many ways, and continues to do so daily! Praise be the Lord from whom all blessings flow!


Jessica Bayerl

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Miss Bayerl graduated from UWSP in May of 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Early Childhood Special Education.  She did her student teaching in Kindergarten here at St. Paul for the third quarter of the 14-15 school year.

It was a great and enjoyable learning experience. I was sad to student teach elsewhere for the fourth quarter, and am so excited to be back at St. Paul!  Sharing my faith in God with children is something that brings me joy. Teaching them to trust in Him, to thank Him, and to read and spread His Word daily are lessons that all students will take with them from their time in Pre-Kindergarten. Knowing our Savior and growing in Him together is our classroom goal.

I grew up in Upper Michigan with my parents and younger brother (don’t worry, we’re still Packer fans).  Throughout junior high and high school I taught Sunday School for 6 years, and also served as the Youth Director for the summer of 2014. Along with working with young children, I enjoy participating in and watching many sports, especially soccer and basketball, running in track and cross country, and dancing (ballet, tap, jazz). Growing up, I always saw coaching or teaching dance in my future. By the time I was transferring to UWSP, I knew that my passion for working with children expanded beyond after school activities. Finally, I felt sure that teaching school was God’s plan for me, and changed my major with confidence.


Ann Tuchscherer

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Music & Worship Director

Marv Altis

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Born in Kansas City, Missouri , Marv and his brother were raised in nearby Liberty.  He graduated from the UMKC Conservatory of Music, then attended Concordia, River Forest to earn his Master's Degree in Church Music.  Marv and his wife, Chriss,have a son and a daughter, and two grandchildren.  They have served congregations in Chicago, Cape Girardeau, MO, Des Plaines, IL, and Wisconsin Rapids.  They are happy to be part of the St. Paul family.

Youth Director

Samantha Tracy

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Samantha graduated from Concordia University Wisconsin in May 2010 with a Lay Ministry/Theology degree. Her specialties include Youth Ministry, Parish Teaching and Missions.

After an internship at Trinity Lutheran Church of Freistadt in Mequon, WI and volunteering at her home church of Bethany Lutheran Church in Kaukauna, WI, Samantha became the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Paul in August 2012.

School Services Specialist

Myra Swiston

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