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July 28, 2011, 8:53 PM

Closing Service

Hi everyone (Hola a todos)!

The closing service was full of the presence of God. There were many emotions, we sang, we cried, we prayed. It was such an exciting moment to see and listen to the VBS kids from San Pablo in Gustemala. Seeing the smiles in their faces gave me hope and faith and also made me feel our God's love and his goodness to allow us to know all the people here and the kids that are even living in an different "American Way" they are happy and enjoy everything that they have.

After the kids sang, the worship for the church began. Pastor Gerardo preached about Mathew. How to build on the rock like "the Church of San Pablo" and Orlando and Xiomaras' house was built too.

This is my first missionary trip in a foreign country and I feel very blessed to know other people, and even I though I speak Spanish learning different words that people from Central America use.  God bless the people from San Pablo and all the missionary groups around the world!!!

Mariana Savela



July 28, 2011, 8:32 AM

Prayer Requests

For the house dedication and the family that will live there.  May love fill that home and may you continue to bless them.  Help them to be wonderful witnesses to the community.

For the closing service that it may reach many people and go smoothly.

For recovery for those members of our group who are not feeling well.

For the last day of clinic that we would be able to use our remaining medications wisely and be able to serve all who need us.

For improved communication with Ramerio and the key leaders of the village.

Praise and thanksgiving for wonderful meals and service.

Praise and thanksgiving for cooler weather and the rain last night.

July 27, 2011, 10:08 PM

Update from Guatemala!

Hola todos,

It's about 9:00p.m. here in Zacapa, Guatemala.  Reflecting on today's mission work:

1.  The clinic seems to have an endless line of residents from San Pablo or higher up in the mountains that have come down to seek medical care. 

2.  The construction crew continues to make strides with both the house and the church across the rode.  The house is expected to be finished tomorrow!!!

3.  The VBS crew has their own challenges trying to keep around 80 rambuncious ninos entertained while spreading God's Word! 

Everyday we continue to see evidence of God's work through our mission here.  We are blessed for all your support and continued prayers. 

So long for now. 

Hasta luego,



July 27, 2011, 10:05 AM

Examples of Joy

At devotions this morning we gave examples of Joy that we have experienced so far......


Diane said she gets great joy from watching our group of young people interact with the children of the village. There are no language barriers when you're playing football (soccer) There is great joy on the faces of the children when our van pulls into the village.

Julia said she gets joy from watching the faces of the village children.  They are content and happy with what they have!  Even though to us it seems they live in absolute poverty and filth, they are blessed and show it with their smiling faces!

Rebekkah (who is from Guatemala's Lutheran Hour Ministries and is a member of our translation team) said it brings her joy to watch us work so hard everyday at all of our tasks to bring the good news of Jesus to these people.

Carmen has found great joy when a translator walks into the room, just when you need them! :)

July 27, 2011, 9:55 AM

Good Morning

It's day 3 and a couple of our team members have some health issues...Michelle is feeling better this morning, but Nicholas got sick in the night and won't be able to travel up the mountain this morning.  So, Sue will use this chance to add a few more pictures and explanations to our blog.  I'll get a full report from the team this evening and report on Day 3 tonight. 

Today's fruit of the spirit is Joy....We've already seen great joy on our journey and we pray for more God sightings today!

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