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May 8, 2012, 7:17 AM

7/8 Class Trip

We are off on our adventure to Cincinnati and the Creation Museum in Kentucky!

March 8, 2012, 5:26 PM

Lutheran Schools Week Activities

It's been a great week so far.....

Monday we received Gospel bracelets and puzzles and did crazy skits in our tribes.

Tuesday we had beach day and played beachball volleyball in the gym.

Wednesday was favorite color/team day with a rotation of unique games and activities in the afternoon.

Thursday was PJ day with movies in the afternoon.

Friday is water park day!!

Sunday the whole school will sing for church!

We also delivered M & M's to the neighborhool houses to let them know how much we love our school and all about the MANY & MARVELOUS things that go on here every day!


February 23, 2012, 12:44 PM

ChemisTRY assembly

He did a really cool experiment where he mixed two liquids together and counted to five, for five different beakers.  Then they started turning colors every 5 seconds, at exactly the same rate he mixed the liquids.

He blew the cork off a bottle with hydogen peroxide in it.   We learned that fuel needed oxygen to help it burn.

He mixed two liquids together and when he swirled it it turned one color and if you shook it hard it would turn another color.

He poured liquid nitrogen over a balloon and made it so cold that it shrank up.

He used red cabbage to decide if a liquid was an acid or base.  If it's an acid it turns pink and if it's a base it will turn blue.

He said that diapers contain a powder that when it gets wet will soak up the wetness and turn to a gel.

He had 3 balloons filled with gas which he put a spark near.  One was helium which just burst.  One was hydrogen which caused a small explosion of fire.  The third was filled with hydrogen and oxygen.  We had to cover our ears when he put a spark near the balloon.  The explosion was SO LOUD!!  It was really cool.

January 25, 2012, 11:26 AM

Rainforest Assembly

4th Grade Reports.....

I thought that it was great because I liked how he pulled out dangerous animals, but yet he informed us that their venom couldn't hurt us.  I thought it was cool to see an animal that I don't normally see every day.  Grace

I thought it was cool because the coati is an animal that I don't normally see. I liked the albino snake named banana.  Mara

I really liked the spider because it's vemon wouldn't really hurt humans as much as it's prey.  Owen

I like the coati because it's like a pet, almost like a dog, and it looks cute when it eats it's fruit loops.   I loved the parrot.  Michaela

I liked the green-winged macaw because he talked spanish.  Marshall

I liked the assembly because he showed us many different things about animals, like the macaw speaking spanish and his beak opening a peanut.  Gunner

I liked the macaw because it could speak over 50 words and phrases and it had beautiful colors on it's back.  Marina

I like the spider because when it was on Mr. Z it was wiggling his legs and Mr. Z looked scared. Maddy

I enjoyed seeing the macaw because it was trained very well and could speak two languages.  It also fluffed up when it fell asleep.  Lindsey

I liked the albino snake because it was yellow and very neat.  I learned that when it is bigger it could eat a child.  Monty

It was fun to see rainforest animals because we don't live by the rainforest and see those types of animals.  Jocelyn

I liked the macaw because of all its colors and how it could talk.  Dasy

I like the whole assembly because the person who led it did a great job explaining all the animals and facts about them.  Leah

I thought the spider was gross, but I like the coati because it will grow alot bigger than it is right now.  Erin

I like the macaw and the coati because they were cute and funny.  They waved at us and it was really fun. Isabella

I like the macaw because it could speak in two languages and say up the 50 phrases.  It danced and waved to us.   Jonathan

October 31, 2011, 2:26 PM

US Honey Queen Visits St. Paul

Boys bees get kicked out of the hive because their job is to guard the hive.

In the winter time the boy bees called drones have to leave the hive because there isn't room for them.

The queen bee can lay 1,500 eggs a day.

The queen bee can lay up to 2 million eggs in her lifetime.

When the queen bee dies, she has to be replaced by the other bees making another one.

Also, if a new hive is made, a new queen bee will go to that hive to get the hive started.

They travel 5,500 miles to make 1 pound of honey.


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